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Pumpkin fiber, which is good for cellulite and acne with its hard structure, contributes to the purification of dead skin as it has a peeling effect on the body. It also accelerates blood [...]


Stain remover

It does not damage and protects plastic, gasket, rubber, rubber and sensitive metal surfaces. Aluminum compatibility has been confirmed in the laboratory. Suitability for use in food production and processing establishments nsf (national [...]



Our own soap products It contains plenty of vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E. In addition, high levels of magnesium, calcium, It also contains potassium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium. It is good for [...]



Turkishcare 100% natural horsehair cellulite brush "cellulite-free legs are not a dream." Dry body brushing with a horsehair brush accelerates the blood circulation under the skin, while providing a much brighter and smoother [...]


Peshtemal Products

Our own production Turkishcare 100% Cotton Peshtemal (for Hand and Face) You can easily use it on the hand and face. Do a delicate wash at 30 degrees. Do not use bleach, iron [...]


Car perfume

Minimizes bad odors in cars and indoor areas. It has permanent feature. It is sprayed with the help of a spray gun. It leaves a more lasting odor in cars, especially when it [...]


leather cleaner

It is used to clean all materials made of leather. It cleans, maintains and protects shoes, bags, boots, coats and other leather surfaces for a long time. It is effective on leather seats [...]


chamomile juice

NATURAL DAISY JUICE Chamomile is a miraculous plant that offers many benefits with its relaxing and refreshing effect. Natural chamomile water for a brighter, purified and calm skin! Natural Chamomile Water brings the [...]